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Our Team

Chet Pinckernell Proprietor

Established in 2016, Chet is the proprietor of Rockmere Vineyards. Always hands on, he spends mornings in the vineyard positioning shoots, pruning vines, or fending off the stray ground squirrels. 

Chet has a deep appreciation of the Valley’s history, its winemaking pioneers, and the truly collaborative spirit that exists today. He looks at each vintage that the team produces as an opportunity to showcase what is special about Napa Valley and share his passion with others.

Bailey Pinckernell Marketing Director

Bailey oversees the design and implementation of all marketing initiatives and client relations. Additionally, she represents Rockmere at all public events.

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Bailey received a master’s degree in elementary and special education from the University of Memphis. Growing up, she saw her father, Chet, studying viticulture and enology. It took just one trip to Napa Valley and she was sold. Soon after, she completed her first course at UC Davis. Wanting to experience wine production firsthand, Bailey worked her first harvest in 2020.

Picture of Rockmere Winemaker Jeff Ames

Jeff Ames Winemaker

Jeff is a walking encyclopedia on enology and past Napa vintages. One of his great talents is the ability to apply that knowledge to each new harvest. For Rockmere, Jeff was involved early on with our 2015 site selection, and he closely monitored the vines for 3 years before working on our first vintage. This knowledge of our vineyard’s tendencies helped us hit the ground running. Jeff’s unmatched passion for his wines and the Valley clearly shows in his incredibly hands-on approach to winemaking.

Aside from wine, Jeff’s passions include Alabama football and finding the best barbecue in town. We support a good barbecue-wine pairing but can set aside Alabama football!

Sander Scheer Vineyard Manager

Sander, the Director of Vineyard Operations for FARM Napa Valley, oversees all activities in the vineyard. He studied Viticulture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and brings a wealth of knowledge from his 20+ years working in the valley. Sander subscribes to the ethos that every year is an opportunity to learn something new about farming. Working with each vintage’s unique set of inputs, he is masterful in providing the vines what they need to show their best at harvest.

Aside from his vineyard work, Sander enjoys spending weekends skiing at Lake Tahoe with his family. 

Photos: Emma K. Morris